About Us

What does fishing mean to you? To me, it brings out the best picnic experience and is delighted with your special ones. When I say experience, it’s more like the pleasing memories which tug with you and give you some pleasant throwbacks making you smile.

Memories of joy, childish activities, adventurous activities, water wars, pushing someone in the water, enjoying some boating with your family, colleagues, friends, and all the people who have someplace in your heart.

Sometimes you become victorious by catching more fish than your opposite team or sometimes all you got is a fun picnic photo that stays with you making you smile when you become old.

And that’s what makes me passionate about fishing.

Now does it synchronize with your fishing ideology? if, yes then you are welcomed open-heartedly in this community.

So now that you are in our community you will be enthralled to get some fascinating knowledge and memorable techniques from this community. And let me assure you, that it will not only be of great assistance to a noob but even a professional fisherman can expand his vision.

Could it be fun learning?

You will be discovering some fun and delightful fishing insights which is not usually discussed in the internet world.

What I came across by doing some internet surfing is that websites are lacking in giving full insights advanced professional techniques and rather providing you with outdated knowledge.

Which is a No to me. As I know that nobody inherited the fishing passion or pro insights. If you aspire to be a fishing pro, you got to learn with your experiences and by doing some extensive researches.

And trust me I know the suffering to get some legit fishing insights. From asking people to going through different partly or poorly conveyed blog content, failures attained by following expert opinions from different platforms.  Thousands of dos and don’ts killing the main essence of fish learning.

Therefore, I can claim that my roller coaster learning makes me a pro in this field and makes me share the knowledge which I have learned from my experiences. And why I am doing this? Because no one else is giving proper insights.

So, come along with me to discover a lot about fish, fishing techniques, some general guidelines, best fishing places, baiting techniques both on bank and boat. You will also get information about the best seasons of doing fishing and the best water types and levels for fishing.

You are more than welcome to reach us for your critiques, quires, and suggestions.