Best Blue Crab Traps

Best Blue Crab Traps

Crabbing is gaining popularity rapidly as it can be done using simple equipment. Unlike fishing, you do not have to buy expensive gears and its stuff; for crabbing, you just need the Best Blue Crab Traps. Crabbing or fishing using traps is also referred to as lazy traps, as you just have to wait for the fish or crab to be trapped.

Crabbing is a great way to spend your time with family out on the water. When it comes to crabs, people want to catch blue crabs as these crabs have unique tastes that make it highly liked. There are different methods of catching crabs, such as using trotline and bait traps. Blue crab trapping is becoming more and more popular as it is a much cheaper hobby than fishing; you can get a crab trap for just 2 or 3 dollars.

When choosing a blue crab trap, it could be very difficult to choose from a range of choices. One without basic knowledge of crabbing cannot find the best for its needs. For the best crabbing results, you need a good crab trap for which you have to be very careful when choosing a crab trap for your needs.

We have shortlisted and reviewed some of the best crab traps to make it easy for you to choose from only the best crab traps.

Top 7 Best Blue Crab Traps

Noa Store Net Trap Cast Dip Cage

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  • Multiple entrances
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy Design
  • Zipper

Noa bait trap is a pyramid net trap in which the bait is hung in the center of the trap that attracts the blue crabs toward it. The bait is connected with a spring or some elastic stuff that makes it even attractive. It is the choice of many fishermen due to its usability and functionality.

High-quality material has been used for manufacturing that makes it a durable choice. The metal frame is coated with vinyl to stand within tough water conditions. The metal wires are very strong and can not be broken easily. The hole size is perfect for blue crabs and shrimps. There is no other better choice if you are looking for a trap for blue crabs.

The trap has multiple entranceways through which the bait enters; the bait is placed in the center of the pyramid. This allows the crabs to enter from any direction. The success rate of crabbing is very high due to its smart design. The trap net is also very strong and cannot be cut easily. Plus, It can fit in a small car trunk easily.

The trap is collapsible that makes it easy to carry and saves space. Unlike bulky box traps, You can easily take this trap anywhere you want. It can easily fit in the tight space of a car truck. This trap is the choice of many users due to its success rate of catching crabs and its features.

The following are the key features of this trap.

Quick Features

  • Multiple entrances: Noa store crab trap is a smartly designed trap that has six entrance ways that allow crabs and fishes to enter from any side. More entrance ways increase the chance of trapping more and more crabs and fishes.
  • Foldable: This crab trap is collapsible and can be folded like a mini-camp. This remarkable feature not only saves space but also make this crab trap easy to maneuver. There is no need to struggle when carrying it or taking it for crabbing or fishing.
  • Sturdy Design: Undoubtedly, this crab trap is extremely light in weight but doesn’t get folded itself. It can bear the average water conditions and temperature. The base pins are inserted in the sand to make it even sturdier, and it does go away with water.
  • Zipper: The crab trap comes with a zipper at one side, which allows you to take out crabs easily from the trap. High-quality zip is stitched with the net that will last long and never broke easily.


  • The zipper is easy to use
  • Entranceways are excellent for trapping
  • Sturdy Design
  • High-Quality Shrimp net
  • Holes are best for blue crabs
  • Vinyl Coated metal frame


  • Folding arms get broken easily

Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

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  • Solid Design
  • Ethical Trap
  • Plenty of space
  • Lightweight

This is one of the most selling products and is the choice of all fishermen due to its quality and features. It lies in Box trap categories, which are bulkier and heavy, but this crab trap is foldable and extremely light in weight. The trap is made of steel wires which are coated with vinyl that gives them extra strength and durability.

This cage trap is perfect for the blue crabs; it has four entranceways from which only crabs and fishes can enter but cannot exit. This crab trap has a feature that is emptying itself in case if you cannot retrieve the cage, the crabs can live freely. This feature makes it ethical fishing equipment.

Once the crab or fish enters it, there is no way of exit; this is the reason this box trap has a high success rate. The best part of this cage trap is that it can be folded into a flat, making it easier to transport and carry.

The cage has plenty of space, which allows more and more crabs and fishes to be caught. The wires are fixed at a distance, which only allows the intended fishes and crabs to be caught. For example, if you want to catch smaller species of crabs, the distance between wire should also be small.

Some of the major features of this crab trap are discussed briefly:

Quick Features

  • Solid Design: The Danielson Pacific crab trap is specifically made for catching blue crabs and species having a similar size. The cage is made of strong steel wires. These steel wires are coated with vinyl that makes this tap even stronger and durable.
  • Ethical Trap: When it comes to ethical fishing equipment, many people are unaware of these products. The Danielson Pacific crab trap has an ethical feature in which the trap is emptied itself and set the crabs free. This feature was introduced to set the crabs and fishes free in case you cannot retrieve the cage or you lose it.
  • Plenty of space: The Danielson Pacific crab pot comes in the size of 24 x 24 x 13 inches. The steel wire spacing is perfect for catching blue crabs, which are smaller in size than other carbs. The plenty of space inside the cage allows up to dozens of crabs to be caught at a time.
  • Lightweight: Unlike most box traps, the Danielson pacific cage is foldable and lightweight. This feature makes it easy to carry and easy to transport. It literally does not need any space in a car trunk as you can fold it and keep it flat in the trunk.


  • Foldable design
  • Best for blue crabs
  • Strong and durable
  • Auto Emptying feature
  • Perfect wires spacing
  • Vinyl coated steel wires
  • Four entrance doors
  • You can hand bait with wires


  • A bit expensive

Promar Collapsible Crawfish/Crab Trap

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  • Compact design
  • High Quality
  • Plenty of space
  • Entrance Ways

Promar TR-101 is one of the best crab traps when it comes to quality and performance at the same time. It is one of the most high-quality crab traps you will find on the internet. High-quality material has been used for its manufacturing. It is a professional fishing level crab trap that is recommended by experts.

It has a strong and sturdy metal frame that is a major requirement of professional fishermen. It is a hybrid crab trap that works as a net trap s well as a box cage. The success rate of catching crab is very high with this trap; the features of this trap make it easy.

The metal frame is coated with vinyl to keep the metal frame rust-free. Unlike the cage traps, this trap can be folded into a small unit. This feature makes it easy to maneuver. This trap can make steed up in the water, at the beach, or out of the pier. The trap is large enough to catch dozens of crabs at a time.

This crab trap is expensive due to its quality and design, is used by commercial fishermen to catch blue crabs. You are fully allowed to use it even if you do not do crabbing professionally. It comes to wit the dual clip closure that prevents fishes and crabs from escaping.

The following are some key features of this crab trap.

Quick Features

  • Compact design: The Promar TR-1010 is a foldable crab trap but has the size of a big box trap when unfolded. This feature makes it easy to carry and transport. It is used by professional fishermen as they can use as many traps they need. There is no need for storage space to keep this trap; these traps can fit in tight spaces when folded.
  • High Quality: All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality, such as the net and metal frame. The metal frame is coated with vinyl that not only gives it strength but also makes it a durable choice.
  • Plenty of space: The Promar tr-101 is one of the biggest traps in its family. As the blue crabs are smaller crab species, dozens of crabs can be caught at once. Unlike the ring net of box spaces, you can carry the trap along with the crabs inside it without worrying about the net to be broken.
  • Entrance Ways: The crabs can enter from either side of the traps; it is the best feature of this crab trap. Unlike the pyramid and ring traps, this trap is able to catch more crabs and fishes. Its functionality and usability features make it the choice of professional fishermen.


  • Best for small species crabs
  • Wire Secured Clamps
  • High Quality
  • Collapsible
  • Professionally designed
  • Comes with bait bag


  • Expensive

South Bend Hurricane Cab pit

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  • Entrance Ways
  • Premium quality
  • Perfect spacings between wires
  • Easy to assemble

South hurricane crab pot lies in the category of box trap that has the highest rate of success. It is a high-quality metal trap that is used for catching small species crabs like blue crabs. This crab trap deserves a try if you do fish occasionally

This crab trap has all the features that are required for efficient crabbing. The crab can enter from the four sides of this box and cannot leave once entered. The metal wires are spaced in such a way that small crabs cannot leave after entering. It is great for fishermen who worry about space as it has plenty of space for keeping 10 to 20 crabs at once.

Unlike pyramid traps, it does not have bait hanging utility, but you can tie the bait on the metal frame anywhere to boost up crab catching. If you are a beginner and do crabbing as a hobby, this crab trap will be a great choice for you.

Don’t worry about its quality, as it is durable enough to be used in salt water for years. The price is also very budget-friendly when compared to other products of its family. The string that comes with this trap is not so strong; it would be better to use some other rope of nylon string to never lose your caught crabs.

Quick Features

  • Entrance Ways: The South bend hurricane crab trap is designed in such a way that the crabs can enter from all vertical sides of the cage but cannot leave once entered. This feature makes it a high performing crab. This feature makes it the best crab traps among many Fishermans.
  • Premium quality: The metal frame is painted that keeps it from rusting and can be used in saltwater. The metal frame is strong enough to bear strong hits as it is made with high-quality material. Don’t worry about its quality construction as only metal is used for making it.
  • Perfect spacings between wires: You will find many crab traps that tend to be for catching crabs but are not as the small crabs escape the South bend Hurricane crab trap, The metal wires are spaced specifically for smaller species crabs like Blue crabs. This feature makes it the best product for catching blue crabs.
  • Easy to assemble: The south bend hurricane crab trap does not come in a unit; the unit has to assemble first before using it. It is very easy to assemble, as you just have to put all parts together, and you are ready to go. You can also use zip ties to stiffen the frame; it will make this trap even stronger and durable.


  • High Quality
  • Coated Metal
  • Precise Wires spacing
  • Best for Blue Crabs
  • Four entrance ways
  • Can with stand saltwater


  • Not good for professional fishermen

KUFA Sports Stainless Steel Frame Casting Crab Trap

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  • 100’ feet rope
  • Unbeatable performance
  • High-quality material
  • Compact

KUFA Sports CR56 is a casting crab trap that can be cast by hand or a fishing rod. It is one of the best crab traps for pier fishing. This trap is great for catching small specie crabs such as crabs. It is mostly used by hobbyists due to its compact size and transportability.

Kufa is a well-renowned company for high-end manufacturing equipment for fishing. This crab trap is a great piece of work as its success rate is very high as compared to other traps of its family. No doubt that this trap is smaller in size, but it has very good performance.

It comes with a smooth casting braided rope; this fishing rope is made of nylon that ensures it will not break-even if the tap basket is full. The length of this rope is 100’, which is enough to reach depths of the water. You should give this trap a try if you have some experience in fishing and casting.

The only drawback of this crab trap is its price; you will get this trap for around 25 dollars, which is way more when compared to other pier crab traps. If you have got some budget for the crab trap, then this trap deserves a try.

If you are hunting for a professional crab trap, there are many other choices but not this one as it is used by the hobbyist or for fishing fun. It doesn’t mean that it cannot catch crabs, or its performance is not too good.

Quick Features

  • 100’ feet rope: This KUFA crab trap comes with a 100’ feet rope, which is enough to reach depths up to 100 feet. You can cast the trap by hand or fishing rod; it’s up to you. This smooth casting braid rope is made of nylon, so you don’t lose your traps and crabs underwater. You can also use the desired rope; it does not affect the performance of the trap.
  • Unbeatable performance: When it comes to the performance of KUFA casting rope, it is one of the best traps for pier fishing. The netting is spaced perfectly, so it does not let the small crabs lose. You will get to know about it very well on your very first use. Its lightweight makes it easy to cast for even better performance.
  • High-quality material: All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality. As KUFA is a well-reputed brand, you should not worry about its quality. The rope that comes with it is also of high quality with a hundred feet long. This trap is incomparable when it comes to its quality.
  • Compact: The Kufa casting crab trap is very compact and lightweight. This feature makes it a choice of a large number of common users. It is the fact that it cannot be used professionally but has great portability. It can fit in a small bag; there is no more space required for storage, unlike box cages.


  • Comes with 100’ rope
  • Nylon Rope
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Can be cast by hand or rod
  • Great performance
  • High quality


  • Not good for professional fishermen

Promar TR-530 Heavy Duty Crab trap/ Pot

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  • Industrial-grade material
  • Vinyl Coated Wires
  • Crabbing Kit
  • Easy to catch crabs
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If you are looking for some heavy-duty crab pot, you should have a look at the Promar TR-530 crab pot. Promar is a well-renowned company for manufacturing high-quality fishing products. Promar t-530 is also a high-quality product with great performance and features.

This product comes with a pot harness and a crabbing kit that helps in boosting your crab catch. With-it heavy-duty material, there is no need to worry about replacing it, repairing it even after using it for years. The weight of the trap is just 15 pounds, which great for easy carrying, but you may use extra weight to keep it sink.

It is a piece of ethical fishing equipment, which means if you cannot retrieve the trap, the trap will let the crabs free. As the trap is of great quality, it cannot be damaged by bigger fishes. The entrance is easy, which makes the crab quickly get in the trap. Few cm spacing between metal wires makes it best for smaller crab species like a blue crab.

The metal frame is coated with viny that gives it more strength and durability. The steel wires are heavier as compared to most crab pots. This crab trap can be used as the beach, underwater, and off the pier. The internal bait box of this trap lets you easily attach the bait to attract more crabs towards it.

The following are some major features of this Promar TR-530 crab trap.

Quick Features

  • Industrial-grade material: In terms of quality, the Promar tr-530 is one of the best crab traps. Industrial grade material is used for its construction, so you don’t have to worry about its quality. This trap will last long, and you will never need to repair or replace it.
  • Vinyl Coated Wires: The steel wires are coated with vinyl; this not only gives the metal extra strength and durability but keeps it rust-free also. The vinyl coating does not wear off easily and will bear intense water conditions.
  • Crabbing Kit: Unlike most crab traps, the Promar TR-530 comes with a crabbing kit that contains everything you need for catching crabs. The kit comes with a red and white float that can be seen from a distance. It also comes with a four-arm harness; it prevents dropping crabs when pulling out of water.
  • Easy to catch crabs: The size of the crab trap is not for professional use, but you will be able to catch many crabs with it. This crab pot is best for catching blue crabs, which are smaller in size and can escape from a bigger trap. It can catch 6 to 7 crabs at once, which is enough for hobbyists.


  • High Quality
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Vinyl Coated steel wires
  • Best for small species crab
  • Can be cast by hand or fishing rode
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic harness clips

KUFA Vinyl Coated Crab Trap

914pyINzavL. AC SX679
  • Accessory Kit
  • Quality construction
  • Ethic Fishing
  • Vinyl Coated steel frame

You’ve reached the right article if you are looking for the supplies for Kufa viny coated trap. For efficient crabbing, it is very important to have the right accessories as well as the right trap. There is no doubt that the Kufa Vinyl Coated Crab tarp is one of the best crab traps for smaller crab species. It comes with all features that are required for crabbing.

The Kufa crab trap’s steel wires are vinyl-coated that makes a strong and durable choice. This trap is the choice of many users due to its features and usability. This crab trap has a three-way entrance that lets the crabs crawl in easily. The performance of the crab trap is also very high as compared to ring net traps.

Unlike most traps, this KUFA crab trap comes with the accessory kit that is necessary for efficient crabbing. The kit contains a non-lead sinking line, a crab clipper, and four arm harnesses. It also contains a bait bag that is crucial for catching more and more crabs; this bait bag is easy to lock, so the bait does not escape.

The kit comes with a red and white float that can be noticed from a distance. It helps in finding the crab trap after you set it up. You should give this trap a try if you are a beginner, as it has all accessories that are required for crabbing.

Quick Features

  • Accessory Kit: The best feature o this crab trap is that it comes with the accessory kit that contains everything required for efficient crabbing. The kit contains afloat, a four-arm harness, a non-lead line, a bait bag, and a crab clipper. This kit makes this trap best for beginners and hobbyists.
  • Quality construction: All the material used for manufacturing the accessories and trap is of high quality. KUFA is a well-renowned company for manufacturing quality fishing products. The non-sinking line is made of non-lead material that makes it date for marine life
  • Ethic Fishing: The crab has a feature to automatically set the crabs free if not opened for a long time. This encourages ethical fishing, and the crab can live some more days. This keeps the aquatic life danger-free.
  • Vinyl Coated steel frame: The steel wires of the KUFA crab traps are vinyl-coated, which gives it extra strength and durability. The vinyl coating over metal also prevents it from rusting, increasing its life. YOu can use this trap for years if it does not get lost at some point.


  • High Comes with a bait bag
  • Accessory Kit
  • 14” Red and White float
  • High-quality Steel frame
  • Vinyl Coated
  • Non-lead sinking line


  • No trap doors

 How to choose a blue crab trap?

Crab traps are designed in such a way that the crabs can enter the trap but cannot crawl back. Different type of crab traps is available in the market, which has a different application in different areas of crab fishing. There are many elements that need to be considered before buying the right crab trap according to your needs.

There is no need to get your fingers pinched when catching crabs; it is made easy with crab traps. The crab traps can be steed up anywhere, such as in the reef, off the pier, and at the beach that makes crabbing easy and fun.

Crab traps not only differ in type and functionality but also in quality, a wide range of crab traps I available in the market. The more the choices are, the more it is difficult to make a choice. It is essential for you to purchase the correct tools if you want to get the best results.

The following are some major points discussed that must be considered when buying a crab trap.

Types of Crab Trap

There are multiple types of crab traps available in the market; each type of trap has its own functions and usability. Three mostly traps are as follow:

  • Box Crab Tarp: Box trap is mostly used crab trap because of its success rate and highest efficiency. A box trap has multiple entranceways in which crabs can enter, but the design prevents crabs from crawling back. The only reason people choose other traps it’s a bulky design which is not easy to transport.
  • Ring Net Trap: A ring Net trap is a collapsible trap with a small and a bigger ring. The bigger ring act as the entrance for the curious crab. Precise placement and position are required to set up these traps. It is highly portable and extremely light in weight that makes it the choice of occasional users.
  • Pyramid Crab Trap: You may have seen triangular traps; these traps are referred to as Pyramid Crab Trap. These traps are used for baiting and trapping the crabs; the trap closes when some crab enters it.

Size of trap

The second very important thing is the size of the trap that has to be considered according to your trapping needs. As different crab species have different sizes like a blue crab trap are small because these species are smaller than others.

When buying a crab trap for specific species, choose a specific trap as now the fishing and crabbing traps are made specifically. The size of the trap also depends on how many crabs it can hold at a time.

Material Quality

The crab traps should be high in quality so they don’t get broken or can be cut easily. Make sure that the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality as it has to bear tense water environments. The trapped material should be strong enough to stand in deep waters where the crabs sit.

There are many aspects that can affect the functionality of the trap, such as depth, water pressure, and temperature, etc. The material should be strong enough so that it could not be broken easily by crabs. Some top crab pots have an automatic function of emptying the trap; in case you cannot retrieve the trap, the crab can live some more days.


If you occasionally go fishing or crabbing, you should look for some lightweight and collapsible carb traps. For example, a box trap is hard to transport because of its size, shape, and weight, whereas you can easily transport ring net and pyramid traps as these traps are collapsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the best crab trap for blue traps, the box, and the pyramid traps are best. These traps have the highest success rate, and these traps can hold a number of blue crabs at a time. The ring net crab trap is also good, but, in most cases, only one crab could be caught.

Razor clams and chicken heads are the best bait for blue crabs, but one can also use squid fishes and fish heads to catch crabs. According to the experts, there are more chances of crab to be attracted to the chicken head and razor clams as it results better.

June, October, and November are considered the best times for catching the blue crabs when the water is at the right temperature. You can also catch the crabs all year, but these months are considered best, and most people do crab during these months.

According to experts, the trap should be left at least 30 minutes to an hour before checking it for crabs. People usually leave the trap for hours from 6 to 8 because if left for a longer time, the crabs can escape from the trap. You can leave box traps for a longer time, as these are made of metal, and crabs cannot escape easily.

The ring net crabs are the cheapest type of blue crab traps as these traps just use metal rings and net. You can find a ring net trap for 2 dollars, which makes it too inexpensive. The only drawback of this trap is that it can catch a very limited amount of crabs.

A good crab trap should be durable and have plenty of space to catch more crabs. As the blue crabs are smaller species, the entrance holes should not be too big because blue crabs can escape easily due to their small size.

You must know the rules and regulations of government and authorities. In some places catching crabs may be illegal, but it is not in most countries. You may have to face court, but in case you violate any rules for catching or trapping crabs.


AS crabbing is becoming more and more popular, new brands are introduced in the market all over the world. It is very tricky to choose from hundreds of choices. When it comes to the best crab traps for blue crab, you will see a number of traps that are so-called best for blue crabs but are not.  When choosing a crab trap, one should be very keen if it wants efficient crabbing

There are many elements that need to be considered when choosing the right equipment for crabbing. The Promar TR-530 is one of the best crab traps for blue crabs as it has all the necessary features and functionalities that are required for efficient crabbing.

This crab trap is not so cheap but worths its value.  You may see other products of the above review as all the product shortlisted for review are of high quality and also performs well.

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