Best Kayak Paddle Under 100


Buying the Best Kayak Paddle Under 100 is what every kayaker wants. To help you out with looking for the paddle that is right for you we have enlisted some of the kayak paddles that are light on your pocket. If you are a beginner or need a spare kayak paddle for your kayaking trips then these products are going to assist you all along. Every component of the paddles is made with high-quality material and they are no less than the high-end products!

Top 7 Kayak Paddles Under 100 dollars


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SeaSense X-TREME

SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN (008680) review

Description: SeaSense promises the best on-the-water experience through its innovative and dedicated products. The SeaSense X-TREME 1 kayak paddle is one of the best kayak paddles under 100 Dollars if you are a beginner or need a spare paddle. The company ensures its customers the best experience within the best range of money.

The X-TREME 1 is very lightweight and innovative that it can be broken down into two pieces for better storage and this two-piece aluminum construction ensures its safety when it is not in use. The paddle has got solid construction made with aluminum that can be dissembled in seconds. As the company considers time as an important commodity, therefore it rolls out products like this one. It saves your time due to its easy and swift operation making rowing or paddling convenient for people of all ages and skill levels.

The paddle has comfortable and ergonomically designed neoprene grip handles that ensure smooth rowing even for a longer period. Moreover, the rubber grips also prevent your hands from getting sore during the long rowing sessions and it is non-slippery as well. The value and comfort that it brings are what you need during your rowing sessions.

It has symmetrical dihedral blades made with molded plastic that glides through the water perfectly. Wide paddles ensure consistent paddling, better water propulsion, and steering control. The blades like these are perfect for high angle strokes as well. The molded plastic makes the paddles durable and long-lasting. Another advantage of the molded plastic blades is that it does not bend while you are paddling. The paddles are also equipped with adjustable drip guards that cause the water to be dropped off before it can reach your hand or your body.

X-TREME 1 has been equipped with special three-position adjustments that mean you can adjust the paddle as per your requirements.

The length of 84 inches that this paddle has is perfect if you have to go through mangrove tunnels or other similar narrow spaces.

The SeaSense X-TREME 1 kayak paddle is a pretty good kayak paddle under $100 for the recreational kayakers and beginners. It is worth a try as it is equipped with great quality and performance costing much less than the other high-end paddles having the same features. X-TREME 1 is a great value for money and it works like magic on the water.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable drip guards
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to store
  • Neoprene grip


  • The grip may slides once it gets wet

Shoreline Marine

Shoreline Marine 96-Inch Rounded Kayak Paddle review

Description:  Shoreline Marine is a one-stop solution for your entire maritime accessories requirement. They have a comprehensive line of accessories that are going to make your time on water exceptionally good. The 96-inch Rounded Kayak Paddle is made exclusively for improving your experience by giving you more comfort and control. It is one of the best kayak paddles below 100 dollars.

Shoreline Marine 96-Inch Rounded Kayak Paddle is perfect for open water. It is suitable for people with different skill levels and ages. The paddle is lightweight, compact, innovative, and rugged. It works perfectly well even in still and harsh water conditions. The length of this paddle is flawless as it provides you with full reach and power during your on-water journey.

Coming to the blades that it is equipped with; it comes with contour molded and curved blades. The curves on the blade have its unique advantage that it adds more stability to the paddle while you are rowing and the advantage that comes with its molded design is that, it makes the water propulsion even better. These blades cut through the water flawlessly and provide you greater control and stability that you need if you are rowing for a long time.

The paddle is made of a corrosion-resistant aluminum shaft that ensures the long life of the paddle and makes it strong enough to beat the harsh water conditions. The paddle also has a foam grip that makes sure that you don’t bruise or sore your hands while rowing. They are designed ergonomically. It provides you with a great push without wearing out your arms and hands.

Shoreline Marine 96-Inch Rounded Kayak Paddle comes with a three-position spring-loaded pin system that you can rotate and customize according to your paddling style, stroke, and other requirements. It can be pinned down in seconds saving up all of your precious time while rowing. It also comes with a two-piece construction system that can be assembled and dissembles in a push of a button. This system helps store and transport the paddle. When the parts separated they can fit in the tiny hatch of your kayak as well.

The drip guards or the splash guards that are placed on both the poles of the paddle are another perks of this paddle. They make it harder for the water to splash onto you while you are paddling. Moreover, the drip guards along with the perfect length of this paddle ensure that water does not reach your hands or body.

This paddle is perfect for people for all skill levels and it is made with ergonomic design to helps you keep your hands in perfect position during your rowing session. It brings you full control, reach and comfort on the water. The quality and performance of this paddle match the other high end and costly paddles. In a nutshell, it is great value for money and a good kayak paddle under $100.


  • Great value for money
  • Perfect length
  • Foam grip
  • Corrosion-resistant shaft
  • Can float


  • Feels flimsy on the end

AIRHEAD Kayak Paddle

AIRHEAD Kayak Paddle, Deluxe 2 sect, review

Description: If you require a good paddle for recreational purposes and do not want to spend a lot of money on it then Airhead’s Curved Blade Kayak Paddle is going to fulfill your requirements. It is one of the best kayak paddles under 100 dollars. The paddle is made up of high quality and functional material that guarantees you the power and control of the water. The exceptional blades construct cuts through the water like magic.

The shaft is made up of the sturdy aluminum having foam grips to give you comfort all along your journey over the water. The paddle can be dissembled quickly into two pieces for easy storage and transport. It can also be snapped back together in no time. The grip of the paddle is comfortable and it does not cause blisters or bruises on your hands during long trips. The Airhead Kayak Paddle does not slip when it gets soaked like other kayak paddles below 100 dollars. It provides you with a firm grip even though. All you need to do is lock it firmly and take it along on your water trips. It can handle water, rocks and the shore quite well due to its durable metal construction. The ends of the paddle are also equipped with the Drip Rings to let the water stay away from you and your body during rowing the kayak. If it gets dropped accidentally it can float as well.

Airhead Kayak Paddle has curved paddles made up of strong plastic which gives it a wider surface area and more power to scoop out as much water as it can in one stroke. The curved blade provides you great balance while you row. The strong blades of this paddle make your kayak move forward with much less effort. The large surface area gives more propulsion and moves the kayak quickly. The smooth strokes promote paddling efficiency. The paddle is equipped with an adjustable blade positioning system in which you can either adjust the blades diagonally or straight as per your paddling style and requirements. You can align and angle your blades for standard and offset paddling just as you like.

The length of this paddle can be an issue for some people having bigger and wider kayaks. But it is pretty good if your kayak complements your paddle. Hence it is great for recreational kayaking and a very good kayak paddle under $100. It is great in quality, performance, and value for money.


  • Best for recreational purposes
  • Fast and strong blades
  • Great water propulsion
  • Provides great power and control
  • Adjustable blade angle system
  • Easy to store and transport


  • Water can seep inside (if not locked firmly)
  • Shorter for some people


BENDING BRANCHES Whisper Aluminum 2Pc review

Description:  Bending Branches claim that their products are made from durable and reasonably sourced materials. Whisper is one of their innovations, that is made with strong aluminum and other high-quality components that make it stand out amongst kayak paddles below 100 dollars. These paddles are also available in different lengths. The paddle is perfect for kayaking around the lakes and rivers. It is going to give you a smooth paddling experience throughout your trip. The durability of this product is out of this world!

The paddle is constructed in a way that it can be assembled and dissembled at the ferrule; the joint where the two-piece connects. This ferrule is made with high-quality plastic to avoid the pieces getting struck while assembling/dissembling. It also has a snug-fitting 3-hole snap-button system that allows adjustable feathering angles (0 degrees and 60 degrees) for left or right-hand control. The two-piece construction is very handy when it comes to storage and transport. It makes your trips comfortable and worth your while. The paddle is light as a feather that it can be used by people of all age group and skill levels. The Whisper has oval grips and the whole area is coated with 3M Versafit to provide you with comfort and maximum hand control. The foam grips do not slip even when they get soaked. In this way, your hands stay free from the blisters and bruises all day long.

The flawless blades of this paddle are rounded and made with high-quality fiberglass reinforced with injection-molded polypropylene that ensures that your paddle floats if it gets dropped in the water. Fiberglass makes the paddle to give a flutter free stroke and move effortlessly on the water even the kayak is moving at high speed. The rounded blades push the kayak smoothly with minimal effort by scooping maximum water.

Above the blades the paddle is equipped with drip rings, once adjusted, stops the water from coming towards your body and hands. Keeping you clean and dry throughout your trip is what the drip rings do.

Whisper is a durably built and lightweight paddle that allows you to have a balance of weight, smooth paddling, and comfort all day long. It is travel friendly and compact that you do not have to worry at all!

Anyone can use it as it is very comfortable to hold and requires minimum effort to move the kayak easily. The blades are known to cut through the water perfectly and smooth paddling without any fatigue. It is also known for being the best kayak paddle under 100 dollars.


  • Snap together quickly
  • Oval grip with Versafit coating
  • Flutter free strokes
  • Highly durable
  • Plastic ferrule


  • Ferrule might get stuck if not
  • closed/opened properly

Best Marine Premium Carbon Fiber

Best Marine Kayak Paddle review

Description:  Best Marine Premium Carbon Fiber Paddle is one of the good kayak paddles under $100. If we are to compare the paddles made with carbon fiber, then this one right here costs way too less than the other similar carbon fiber paddles. Another amazing factor that this paddle holds is its lightweight. Carbon fiber paddles can be heavy on the other hand but this paddle is not as heavy as them.

The length of this Carbon Fiber Paddle is about 92 inches, which is the perfect length for most kayakers and weighs about 2.09 pounds.

The shaft is made up of carbon fiber and has a sleek finish to it. Like most of the other paddles, it also has a two-piece construction for easy transport and storage. The shaft comes with 3 different and adjustable feathering positions, i.e. -60, 0 and 60 degrees. In this way, you can adjust your paddle according to your paddling style and preferences. The shaft is very comfy to hold and provides a good fit for your hands.

The blades are made of reinforced fiberglass that cuts through the water smoothly and moves the kayak effortlessly. The whole construction of this paddle gives you stability, power and maximum control on the water as the paddle glides like magic.

To avoid the water from falling on your lap or hands there are drip rings on either side of the paddle. It moves the water away before it can come in contact with your body.

The paddle can float if fallen off in the water accidentally and to make it more secure the product comes with a 5-foot long leash so that you can attach your paddle to the kayak. Now, this is the way to achieve stress-free paddling all day long.

The affordability and durability of this product is amazing which makes it one of the most versatile kayak paddles under 100 dollars!


  • Perfect length
  • Efficient
  • Glides effortlessly
  • Carbon fiber shaft
  • Feather-light


  • Does not have foam grips



Description:  SeaSense X-TREME ΙΙ is another phenomenal paddle from the X-TREME range. It is highly durable and it is going to make paddling like a breeze for you! It is a 96 inches paddle that is a perfect size for most of the people who are fond of recreational kayaking. The length of this paddle allows you to cover both sides of the kayak efficiently. What else a kayaker would need other than a perfectly made kayak paddle that is economical as well!

The shaft of X-TREME ΙΙ is built with strong and sturdy aluminum and has a two-piece construction for easy storage and travel. Both the pieces get assembled pretty conveniently and save your time and energy. The shaft has three locking position settings for left/right handed feathering at 45 degrees. You can adjust the position that goes along your paddling style and preferences. It is very convenient and fast to adjust for more advanced paddling styles. The handles of the paddle are ergonomic foam grips that maximize the comfort and make it easier to hold the handle during the long kayaking trips. The grips should be adjusted and fitted before using or else it might slip. The snug-fitting of the grips ensures that it will not be slipping up and down even when it is soaked with water. The shaft is equipped with the drip guards as well to stop the water from splashing on to you.

The blades of the X-TREME ΙΙ are made up of reinforced polypropylene and fiberglass filled nylon. It has a feathered design to it that guarantees flutter-free movement. They cut through the water like a charm and are really easy to maneuver with. The blades are pretty strong and flexible although they are not designed to push off of rocks or shoreline. They work great across the water but pushing off of hard surfaces can damage the blades. This paddle is great for moderate use and nothing can beat it for the price!

X-TREME ΙΙ is very lightweight and can float too. It also has a support ridge attached to the shaft for added strength. This product works like magic on water and worth the is one of the good kayak paddles under 100 dollars.


  • Feathered blades
  • Easy to assemble
  • Padded handles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Better drip guards


  • Contains chemicals that is banned in some countries

TRAC-Outdoor Products Curved Kayak Paddle

TRAC-Outdoor Products Curved Kayak Paddle review

Description:  TRAC Curved Kayak Paddle is the best kayak paddle under 100 Dollars. It is designed with high-quality products that make the paddling experience worth your while. It is one of the most efficient paddles for recreational purposes. The blades along with the whole structure are made to give you more power, control. It promises you strong and powerful strokes that minimizes the stress injuries and fatigue during the whole trip. The curved and sharp blades are designed to give you maximum water propulsion and it moves the kayak with minimal effort. This product is best on the market in economic terms. If you are a recreational kayaker and need a product that is going to assist you in every condition of water then this product is going to meet all of your requirements.

The paddle is equipped with an anodized aluminum shaft that is based on a two-piece construction system. The shaft is designed in a way that you can adjust it just as you desire. The 3 position push-button feather system is easy to adjust and to provide you with the paddling style that you require or prefer. The whole structure is designed to give you more comfort and confidence when you are kayaking across the water. The handles of the paddle are raised slightly for better grip and control. Although the grips of this paddle are not padded with foam or other soft material they are designed to insulate your hands from the cold shaft.

TRAC kayak paddle has fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blades that are slightly curved that are perfect to maneuver with and they scoop out the maximum amount of water providing you better propulsion and smooth ride all along. They are asymmetrical and stiffer than the other similar paddles. The designing of the blades stops it from flexing. The stiffer blades are very useful in terms of pushing off of rocks or shoreline. Most of the similar paddles break or bend when they are used to push off of the shoreline but the TRAC kayak paddle bears this type of situation pretty conveniently. Blades also have a fine contour on them that is another excellent feature because it provides you with an excellent amount of propulsion! The blades of this paddle are perfect for low-angle paddling as well. There is a dock hook on the end of the blades as well.

This product meets the needs of every kayaker as it is strong and economical at the same time and promises an efficient performance on the water. It is made up of quality products and works smoothly on the water by giving you more control and stability. It is great in terms of pushing off as well. Not like the other low budget paddles that bend if they are used harshly.


  • Has asymmetrical blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • Maximum propulsion


  • Grips are not padded

Buying Guide

To improve your paddling experience you need to get your hands on the right kayak paddle. For that purpose, you need to get your requirements straight. Buying a paddle that keeps you comfortable on the water and cost you less energy during paddling is always a good idea. Here are some of the factors you might want to look for in the paddle that you are going to buy;

  • Length or size:

Your height, width, and height of your kayak, and your paddling angle determine the length of the paddle you need to buy. A paddle that is too long is going to put a strain on your shoulders and the one that’s too short will make your hands hit the kayak. Kayak paddles are available in the range of 210 to 260 centimeters.

  • The shape of the blade:

The blades of the paddle can either be feathered (offset at an angle) or non-feathered (positioned along the same plane), asymmetrical (for smoother flow) or symmetrical (found in non-kayaking paddles), dihedral (allows even flow of water over the blade surface) or spoon-shaped (for scooping maximum water).

  • Material: 

The material of the paddle determines its weight. Kayak paddles are made up of fiberglass, carbon fiber, nylon, aluminum, or some kind of rigid plastics. Plastic and nylon blades are used in recreational paddles; they are not much flexible and not fit for pushing off of hard surfaces. They can crack when left in the direct sunlight.

The paddles having fiberglass blades are durable, lightweight, and very efficient in the water.

Carbon fiber blades are used in high-end paddles and they are known for providing maximum propulsion and transfers maximum energy resulting in a better stroke.

  • Shaft design: 

Shafts can be oval or round-shaped for better comfort and grip respectively. There are straight and bent shafts as well. The bent shaft has a positioned angle for a comfortable grip. It can be broken down into two or more pieces for easy travel and storage.

  • Drip guards:

Drip guards are another important feature that you need on your paddle as it prevents the water from splashing on to you during paddling.

  • Price range:

If you are going, to begin with, your kayaking journey then you should go for more economical paddles at first. The price is determined by the type of paddle, the material used, and the features it has.

  • Grip:

For a comfortable ride on the water, you need a paddle that has a padded grip or handles so that your hands stay safe from bruising and stress injuries all day long. The padded grip also insulates your hands from the cold shaft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which material is better to push off of rocks and shorelines?

Blades made of carbon fiber or fiberglass is designed to push off of hard surfaces as they do not bend or crack. Nylon and plastic blades cannot survive pushing off of either the shoreline or the rocks, they crack/bend before you know it.

How can I stop water from splashing over me?

Install drip rings/guards above the blades of your paddle to prevent water from splashing on to you. The drip rings stop the water before it can splash on your hands or lap.

What is the ideal length of the paddle?

The ideal length of the paddle for you can be entirely different. It mainly depends upon the paddling angle/style, your height also the height and width of your kayak that you use.


Getting yourself a perfect paddle that goes along with your kayak and your paddling preferences can be an extreme sport! But once you consider all the important things that are mentioned above then no one can stop you from getting your hands on your perfect paddle. For recreational and secondary paddles the discussed products are going to work like a charm. They all are pretty economical but the material and the structure is not compromised! TRAC-Outdoor Products Curved Kayak Paddle is the best kayak paddle under 100 dollars and its blades are made to push off of the hard surfaces as well.

If you are looking for other features to dominate in your paddle then it is up to you what paddle you buy. Buying a paddle is personal and according to the style of paddling you prefer or it can also depend upon the kayak you have!


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