Bass Fishing Rod Selection Guide

Bass Fishing Rod Selection Guide

Have you just started bass fishing and are searching for the best rod? Well, without any doubt, the brass rod will be the ideal choice for all of the bass anglers out there!

Fishing the bass is an engaging and exciting activity for many. But, the bass is an aggressive fish and always gives an adamant time to the fisherman. But, bass fishing is easy to learn, and you can catch the fish very quickly if you have got the right tools. So, in this scenario, selecting the right equipment becomes equally crucial for fishing for other sports.

The manufacturers try to provide a perfect bass fishing rod, which can function accurately and be affordable. Therefore, you can get multiple options in the market, but selecting the best is a tough job.

In this guide, all the essential features and specifications which the best bass fishing rod should have had been described. However, you can get through them all to find the required bass rode with the best material, angle, action, length, and power.

How to Select the Right Fishing Rod?

The market is just full of multiple numbers of options; each of them offers you bass fishing rods of different sizes, styles, materials, and power. Many of them look so reliable. But, the situation gets complicated when you have a very tight budget.

There is no need to worry; consider the following features as they play an essential role in determining the rod’s performance.

  1. Action

Action is a crucial feature, which can affect the performance of the rod significantly. In actuality, the action of the bass fishing rod is defined by the shape and material. And as a result, the fisherman can guess how much a fishing rod can bend. In addition, it is the action which that determines how much a rod can bend before getting back to its original shape.

Slow, fast, and medium are the three action types, which can experience while using the bass fishing rod.

Slow Action

The slow-action rods can bend completely, slower in action, and add fun to your fishing activity. The performance of these fishing rods is just impressive, and you need to use a small lure to catch the fish quickly. But, you can find difficulty in setting the hook.

Fast Action

The fast action rods can easily bend at the uppermost part of the rod, just below the tip. Through this type of action, the fisherman can easily sense the slightest vibrations. Moreover, these rods can snap back very quickly, making them ideal for a powerful hook system.

These rods have a solid backbone; they are fast in action and can effectively pull the fish over the heavy water. And with these hooks, you can sue the worms or large jigs as well.

Medium Action

The medium action rods constantly bend in the top half of the rod and provide excellent hook-setting capabilities. However, these rods are a little bit slow in action as compared to fast action rods. So, this way, all of these hooks become an ideal choice for the multiple-hook setups.

With the help of these rods, you can give more time to fish to bite and can be caught fishes of different sizes.

  1. Lure Weight

Many bass rods come printed lure weight on their handles. It is a weight range which tells you about the importance of lures a rod can carry.

Remember that the weight of the lure is significant, and you need to get a rod accordingly which can handle this weight. Well, it can have a significant effect on your lure action, casting, and hook setting power. So, choose it wisely.

  1. Power

Power is the measure of pressure that is required to bend the rod. In the case of heavy or fast action rods, you need to apply more pressure to bend the rods, while in the case of light action rods, the fisherman can turn them very quickly.

The power also lets you get an idea about the rod’s strength and tells you about the lifting capacity of the rod. Again, it is because the high-powered rods can easily handle the heavyweight and vice versa.

It is a general rule that medium-power rods are far a better choice for the baits along with treble hooks. Well, you can also use them with an exposed theme. On the other hand, different other baits like rigs, frogs, and jigs are medium to heavy power rods, and you should use them under heavy water.

One more important thing to consider here is the water in which you are going fishing. Always determine the type of the water and then get the rods accordingly. For instance, a thick and heavy water cover always requires a solid rod to fish out. While in the case of clear water, a thin rod with lighter power could also be an excellent choice for you.

  1. Rod Material

The fishing rods can be made from different materials, including graphite, fiberglass, and composite. The material used during the construction of the rods can significantly impact the rod’s performance and let the user have an idea about its fishing success.

Graphite Rods

The graphite rods are lighter in weight as compared to the fiberglass rods. Undoubtedly, graphite fishing rods are trendy fishing rods. These rods are marked with IM6, IM7, and IM8. These will have the same level of stiffness as these rods, but IM8 would be lighter in weight.

So, through these degrees, one can easily guess about the stiffness of the rod or modulus. Higher modulus means more stiffness, which means you can get a lighter rod as the manufacturer uses less material to make a stiff rod.

Fiberglass Rods

Fiberglass rods are more reliable and old in the angling world. Man has been using these rods for a long time, and these rods can beat the other in their performance and quality. Above all, the fiberglass rods are very easy to make, and get them at a very affordable price.

Just because of their durability and reliability, fiberglass rods have become an undeniable choice for all beginners. However, keep in mind that the fiberglass rids offer you minimal feedback. As a result, it becomes tough to detect lighter or slow vibrations.

Composite Rods

The composite rods are well known for their outstanding performance, which one cannot expect from the fiberglass or graphite rods. Therefore, to manufacture the composite rods, a mixture of fiberglass and graphite is used.

These rods can provide you versatility, and as a result, one can use them in different types of water without any issue. Of course, no one can deny that composite rods are expensive, but this extra cost can change your fishing experience.

  1. Rod Handles

A variety of rod handles is available like EVA, cork, or a combination of both can also be used. The length of the handles can affect the type of casting.

With the help of longer handles, the heavy baits can provide you longer baits, and anglers can use both of their hands to get a lot of loads. While on the other hand, the short lighter lures can be used. The shorter handles permit the one-handed casting to achieve their targets.

Besides it, the user can handle the pistol grip, split grip, or full grip and adjust the casting accordingly.

  1. Length

With a longer rod, the fisherman can get a more extended cast. But, if you do not have the clearance to swing the long rod, it will be the worst choice for you. So, search for a short handle instead. The shorter rod can also offer a perfect cast. But here, you would have to choose either distance or accuracy before choosing between a long or short fishing rod.

Generally, the rods available in the market range from 4 to 14 feet. So, this way, you can get the one following your fishing type.

If you are fishing just under the water, go for a short rod to handle. In this situation, a 5 to 7 feet rod could be a better choice for you. On the other hand, a short rod is solid, thus becomes the ideal choice for bigger fishes.

The 8+ feet rods are just like lifesavers for those who want to do fishing in top-water. For beginners, a fishing rod that is 7 inches long would be a great choice.

  1. Shape

The rod handles come in different shapes, like a pistol grip and trigger stick. The pistol grip is short in size and specialized for precise jigging movements and casting accurately. On the other hand, the trigger stick is a more extended handle that lets the users cast it with both hands.

  1. Taper

The taper is most commonly used along with the action. But, taper lets the users know about the rod’s thickness, and one can also get an idea about the blank walls. As a very thin or less material is used along the border, the rod can bend to a greater extent. That’s why it is considered just similar to the action.

  1. Responsiveness

It gives you an about the flex which a rod can undergo as a result of load. Furthermore, the rod can be manufactured from different layers of different types of materials. So, the material used here plays a pivotal role in letting you get an idea about the responsiveness of the rod.

A lighter in weight rod always comes with a responsive tip. The rods which have higher modulus always perform efficiently and stores the energy and release as required. So, this way, the fisherman gets the ability to flick a perfect cast at the lower trajectory!

Types Of Bass Rods

Two different types of bass rods are used for bass fishing, including spinning rods and casting rods. The simple and easy way to differentiate between two is through a trigger built in the handle.

  • Spinning Rods

The spinning roads are an excellent choice for the fisherman. You can pair up these rods with spinning reels. And the beginners should start with a spinning combo. At the same time, the professionals would also admire the outstanding performance of spinning vehicles.

These types of rods are just an ideal choice to handle the lighter lures and lighter lines. In addition, the spinning rods are suitable for soft plastic, walkers, poppers, fitness jig, and spinnerbaits.

  • Two-Piece Rods

You can find many fishing rods which come in two different pieces. You can connect both of these parts and can get the entire length rod.

You can store these rods in tight places, including the trunk of your car. But, these rods are not that much sensitive. The user can lose the sensation to feel,

  • Casting Rods

These rods are a little bit more advanced as compared to the spinning rods. All of these fishing roads are paired up with the bait-casting reels.

And one needs to get more skills to be used. These rods are specifically designed for heavy-duty, heavy lures, and heavy lines as well. The casting roads can handle the bigger baits and heavy lines ideally.

Final Thoughts

Bass fishing is not as easy as one may consider it. You need to get the best tools and have to learn different techniques to tackle the fish. Therefore, the selection of the right bass rod is the key to success for a fisherman. But the selection of the right tool is not an easy job, especially when you are buying for the first time.

Please do not waste time searching for a suitable tool; here, we have provided you all the features you need to consider in the best fishing rod. So read it once before you make a purchase and then find the best!

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